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Only pay
for what you sell

All products in the range namely greeting cards, invitation cards, gift bags, gift wraps, bows & ribbons, stickers, accessories, partyware, candles and balloons will be supplied at no cost on initial order.

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Abstrakt pappershantverk

No risk guaranteed 

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In store
merchandising service

Card Group provides a professional merchandising service to all stores on a National, Regional and local basis in more than 40 countries worldwide.

We visit your store on a regular basis. As part of our regular merchandising service the following services are provided:

  • Installation of agreed displays

  • Stock counts & completion of required sales reports

  • Refill of products as needed

  • Local adaptation of designs as needed

  • Updating of new designs regularly

  • Removal of damaged/slow moving products at no cost

  • Sales analysis to ensure maximum sales

  • Frequent call cycles

  • Maximum sales in minimum space

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sale in minimum space

  • Top selling products

  • High profit margins

  • Large assortment

  • Unique designs

  • High quality

It's a classic Win-Win situation


You only

pay for the stock

that you sell.


You have NO stock

holding costs. This

improves your cash flow.

You don't have to worry about slow selling or damaged products. We regulary replace these at

no cost.

Your have already received payment for all sold products, before you have to pay us.

You as a retailer are welcome to contact us

Independent retailers and retail chains can cooperate with us in many ways. 

Primary/main supplier

We are a leading supplier of top selling greeting cards, gift packaging, stickers, party products and accessories for all life´s special events. 


You decide what we shall stock with. 

Flexible purchase options

We offer different purchase and

merchandising options. 

A complete solution

Independent of your requirements we have a solution!

Card Group has a trading relationship with many of the leading respected national and international retail chains.Here are a few examples:

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